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cold flame of water for your safer life

About us

SterilOx  is the only natural disinfectant and sanitation solution of its kind  that is safe to be

used in all food environments, both in and on food. SterilOx  solution is a broad-spectrum

natural antimicrobial solution that supports healthier, safer foods and beverages.

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What is SterilOx?


SterilOx is an aqueous solution of chlorine-oxygen and hydroperoxide


oxidants synthesized from base aqueous solution of sodium chlorine.



•  SterilOx is fast acting - killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast (wild strains) and mould in


•  SterilOx is pH neutral, gentle and non-irritating;

•  SterilOx is effective in eliminating and control biofilm and its regrowth;


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